Why a donkey?

Why A Donkey?


  • ​Donkeys make great pets because of their gentle nature and their love for people. Donkeys are sometimes referred to as the dogs of the equine world. They also have a very comedic personality and can keep you entertained for hours. And to top that off the babies are one of the cutest babies in the animal kingdom.

  • Donkeys are very intelligent but sometimes this intelligence is mistaken for stubbornness. A donkey has a self-preserving nature and wants to take a solid assessment of a situation before continuing. They prefer to do what they think is best for them, which is not always what you think is best. Where a horse would flee, a donkey wants to know if it worth spending the energy to run first.  Donkeys being smart make them very trainable, learning things much faster than their horse counterparts.  The only thing you need to remember is that a donkey can get bored so do your training in short sessions to alleviate this problem.

  • You can also share your donkeys with others. With their gentle nature they are welcome many places. There are many donkeys that do parades, pet days, church plays, birthday parties and they are even used as therapy animals. Many have visited nursing homes and hospitals. Some are even purchased as companions for the disabled.

  • Donkeys are extremely strong making them excellent riding and driving animals. Their dispositions make them a good riding or cart animal for children. Donkeys can perform all the gaits of a horse (they can even be gaited). These animals are also very sure footed, coupled with their cautious nature, this makes them very safe. That is why they ride donkeys and mules to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  So if you like the outdoors many public trails offer good riding areas but also offer trails that even a cart enthusiast can enjoy as well.

  • Donkeys are great show animals as well. If you think showing is something you would enjoy there are all kinds of options. If you choose a larger donkey and want to ride and show there are a number of different classes you can show in, just think, if a horse can do it so can a donkey. If a small donkey is your pick classes range from a number of harness classes to classes done in-hand. The in-hand classes range from trail to jumping and many of these are also open for the larger donkeys as well. Showing your donkey can be great fun and adventurous all at the same time.

  • Donkeys are much more economical than horses; they can be called easy keepers. They require less food and less expensive food than a horse. All most donkeys need is pasture and good grass hay during the winter. If pasture is not available then donkeys will do fine with hay. If you feel that a little grain is needed one that is less than 12% protein level is preferred. Both the hay and grain cost much less than the high protein diet required by a horse. You should still give your donkeys the same vaccinations and worming that a horse receives. Donkeys also need to receive regular hoof care but having a harder hoof they rarely or never need shoes.  A donkey is a very hearty animal in that they rarely get sick, but if they do they are much more likely to survive the illness than other equine. Love your donkeys and some live to be well over 30 years old.

  • Donkeys make excellent guard animals for their herds and the herds of smaller animals; examples: goats, sheep and cattle to name a few. They possess a natural aversion to predators which inspire them to severely discourage any predatory attacks. If using a donkey as a guardian it is recommended that you choose a large standard or a mammoth donkey. One also needs to use caution with the family pet until the donkey realizes that it is not a threat.


                                                What makes them so special to you?

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